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When you live at the seaside everybody will ask you is it hard to let go of summer? What makes it easier for us to say goodbye to summer is the fact that autumn is coming and brings more pleasant weather and lower temperatures, as well as colorful nature. After a summer filled with lots of sun and fun, autumn is an ideal time for all of us to slow down, get cozy, rest, and enjoy.

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People like to visit Istria throughout the year. Whether you are interested in city architecture and culture, or you intend to use the time for gourmet trips, here is why an autumn vacation in Istria is a great idea.

Colder and more pleasant weather between 

September and November, you will see that the weather is much colder in the Mediterranean. So, exploring the city is definitely much more comfortable. However, be sure to pack something warm for nights. Usually, during the day, the temperatures reach up to 25 degrees Celsius; however, at night they drop to around 15 degrees Celsius.

Fewer tourists and crowds

At this time of year, the city of Umag is not too crowded with tourists, so you can easily find all the attractions such as The Museum of Umag, Savudrija lighthouse (the oldest in Croatia), Parish Church of Annunciation, Church of St. Roche or even modern art gallery Marin to visit. 

More vacancies in Rocca Riviera Umag

Although the swimming season in Istria is not over yet, according to the tourist website, you will be able to see that during the autumn, there is a much more extensive selection of accommodation for rent, and the prices are more favorable. This is definitely another reason to visit us. Experience the comfort of the luxurious Rocca Riviera Umag residence, with a separate gym, sauna, and swimming pool. And let’s not forget the great, stunning view of the city from our apartments.

Let’s go to the beach!

Just because it’s autumn, doesn’t mean you can not enjoy the beach, in fact, in Istria you can expect many beautiful bays, which are perfect for swimming from around May to October. Our recommendations are beach Savudrija with boats hanging on wooden pillars, which have become a landmark of the region. An insider tip is to visit it in the evening during sunset when nature is creating romantic shades of red and orange across the sky.

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If you are looking for a natural sandy beach, Zambratija is a real insider tip, especially for families with children. The sea is crystal clear and very shallow, so you can wade through the water. Beautiful and another landmark of the city is the picturesque Polynesian beach. Turquoise sea, the sunken city of Sipar, and a site with Roman remains. No, you are not dreaming. This is Istria!

Sport events in Istria

Numerous athletes and recreationists will find enough reasons to visit Istria even in the autumn months. This year we are especially looking forward to the 8th edition of the ultra trail race 100 Miles of Istria. Since 2016, 100 miles of Istria have been included in the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT), which is an elite group of only a few prestigious world races. The trail stretches from the eastern part of the peninsula, over the highest mountain peaks, and ends on the west coast of the peninsula, in our city of Umag. 

The youngest runners can expect Ledo 1 miles of Istria, a race for the kids in which they will have fun. Information related to the race can be found at www.istria100.com

If you love bikes, we have something for you too. This year’s CRO Race will take place from September 28th to October 3rd. What is specific is that this race consists of 6 stages, which will cover more than a thousand kilometers throughout Croatia, and the penultimate stage will be run in Istria on Saturday, so we invite you to spend that weekend with us. Also, mark the calendar from October 15th to 17th October 2021, and register for the 

Istria Granfondo International Cycling Marathon.

And of course, you can always play tennis in Umag, the most famous tennis destination in Croatia and home to the largest tennis tournament in Croatia.

Drive an oldtimer

If you like oldtimers and that retro vibe, another great festival to enjoy at this time of the year is happening in Umag. This usually takes place during the first week in September, and you really get the opportunity to experience some genuinely retro vibe at exhibitions and while driving oldtimers.

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Amazing food in Istria

Istrian wine is recognized in the world as one of the best, so do not overthink it and be sure to go on a tour of the vineyards. Along the way, you will learn all the details about the wine production process, but also enjoy wine tasting during your visit to the city of Umag. Eat at local gourmet restaurants, try Istria’s craft beer at San Servolo, and visit local olive oil producers, such as Buscina, Cluj, and Farma Jola. 

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And the most important thing is that September is the beginning of the truffle season- so get ready! 

As you wander the streets of Umag, you will smell freshly roasted chestnuts, which are perfectly reminiscent of autumn. Trust us, wandering around the city is really more romantic if you have a pack of freshly roasted chestnuts with you.

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We hope you enjoyed this autumn walk through our beautiful city of Umag, and be sure to let us know what inspired you to visit us.