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House rules

Dear guests,

During your stay, the staff stands at your disposal for any information and/or assistance you may require. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we kindly ask that you familiarise yourselves with the below house rules:

  1. Rocca Riviera reserves the right to cancel your reservation entirely should you fail to observe the below stated.
  2. Rocca Riviera may accommodate only properly registered guests; therefore, the guests must present a valid national ID card, a passport, or any other valid proof of identity to the hotel staff immediately upon arrival.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in is from 15:00
  4. Guest is required to pay for the accommodation and services rendered by the confirmed booking, or the pricelist. When accommodation is extended, additional nights are charged at the Rocca Riviera’s price list.
  5. Rocca Riviera has the right to request payment in advance.
  6. Apartment visits are not allowed; only registered guests may be accommodated.
  7. Pets are not allowed.
  8. Rocca Riviera staff may not enter your room without your prior consent, with the following exceptions: room maintenance and cleaning, a violation of the House Rules, a reasonable doubt that harm may be inflicted on other persons and/or their property.
  9. Children should be attended at all times in apartments and public areas. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children in all areas of Rocca Riviera.
  10. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool area.
  11. Usage of the gym and sauna is strictly prohibited to children under the age of 16.
  12. Rocca Riviera is completely smoke-free. Smoking fine is 300 EUR.
  13. Please do not create noise which may disturb other guests in their apartments, in hallways, and public areas, especially between 21.00 h and 10.00 h
  14. The guests are prohibited from bringing flammables, explosives, and/or odorous substances into Rocca Riviera.
  15. Electrical appliances, except those intended for personal hygiene (electrical razors, massagers, hairdryers, etc.) may not be used at Rocca Riviera’s premises.
  16. Rocca Riviera shall not be held responsible for valuable items not stored inside the in-room safes.
  17. Please take good care of the furniture and other room equipment; any damages (intentional or unintentional) made during your stay will be charged at your expense.
  18. Room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) is intended for your usage during your stay in Rocca Riviera, and we kindly ask that you do not take them out.
  19. Rocca Riviera is not responsible for any damage to the guests vehicles.
  20. Before leaving the apartment, please make sure all the faucets are closed down and all the lights are turned off.
  21. When leaving the apartment, please verify that the doors are securely closed.
  22. In case you lose your key, please inform the Rocca Riviera staff immediately. Key loss is charged 100 EUR so we are kindly asking you to be careful.
  23. Please bear in mind that the check-out time is 10.00 h. In case you wish to prolong your stay, please inform the Rocca Riviera’s staff in due time. Subject to availability, a late check-out will be confirmed at an additional charge of 50% of your apartment rate for check-outs until 18.00 h, or the full apartment rate for check-outs after 18.00 h.
  24. Rocca Riviera reserves the right to refuse accommodations to a guest arriving with a contagious disease. In cases where sickness occurs during the stay, please notify our staff. In the case of serious sickness, you may be requested to receive appropriate health care from a nearby healthcare facility. During epidemics, we are entitled to employ precautionary measures within our judgment or as required by local authorities.
  25. Any complaints of individual, agency, or contractual guests shall be taken into account if they are submitted during the guest’s stay in Rocca Riviera; complaints sent or submitted later shall not be accepted.
  26. Any disputes which may arise thereof and cannot be resolved by mutual agreement will be submitted to the local authorities.

Thank you very much and we wish you a pleasant stay.