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When I say holiday in Croatia, what is the first word that comes to mind?

And why is it Istraian truffles?

Truffles hold a special place in the hearts of culinary fanatic across the globe, however Istrian truffles are unlike anywhere else in the world. The thick forests near Buzet and Motovun, hide an underground truffle paradise.

Autumn is a special time for all truffle lovers, as the white truffle is hunted from September until December and this is the best time to try it. In October, in Giancarlo Zigante’s restaurant ‘Livade’,

Istrian truffles do not only provide a gustatory experience, but represent years of tradition. From truffle pasta to truffle cheese and even honey, it is a rollercoaster of different flavours. Autumn months are prime truffle times, so Istrian accommodation fills up pretty quickly, attracting truffle fanatics from all over the world.

My personal favourite is Istraun fuzi with truffles. It may be the most common dish, as it is served in nearly every restaurant, however rightly so. The creaminess of the white truffle compliments the shape of the Istrian fuzi pasta, flows together in perfect harmony.

And you might be wondering where you can find the best truffle delicacies…. Well I have got you covered!

Konoba Nono is a local, family owned restaurant, located only 6 short minutes from Rocca Riviera Luxury Apartments. It is perfect for a late lunch or dinner, as well as very kid friendly. It even has a miniature zoo, featuring farm animals such as horses and donkeys.

If you prefer to get out of Umag for a while Giancarlo Zigante’s restaurant ‘Livade’ might be your perfect pick. It is a very popular restaurant, as Giancarlo Zigante found a truffle that holds the Guinness World Record for the largest truffle ever found! It is only a 30 minute drive from Rocca Riviera Luxury Apartments.

Or if truffle delicacies are more up your alley, try exploring Umag’s old town for the best truffle oil and cheese.

Make sure to put truffle festivals on your Croatian holiday to-do list, and your perfect accommodation to do so can be Rocca Riviera Luxury Apartments.