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Two wheels, one passion. Embark on an extraordinary cycling adventure, uncovering the stunning landscapes of Istria, idyllic beaches, the allure of Umag, and numerous other delightful places in the vicinity of Umag. Bid farewell to the hassle of finding parking as you cycle carefree to the city center.

If you didn’t bring your own bike, you can rent bicycles from us. MTB, E-bike, city bike, or e-scooter, the choice is yours. Rent our latest e-bikes for your thrilling exploration. Our e-bikes are user-friendly and adaptable to your comfort. Discover nature like never before with our e-bikes, the easiest and most enjoyable way to navigate through the enchanting landscapes of Istria. Please note that our e-bikes can be reserved during booking and are subject to availability (additional charges apply).


Let us recommend some of the most popular beaches in Umag that are easily accessible by bike from Rocca Riviera:

Kanegra Beach: Known for its crystal-clear water and beautiful surroundings, this pebble beach is suitable for families, offering numerous amenities including restaurants, cafes, and sports facilities.

Laguna Stella Maris Beach: Located near the Stella Maris resort, this Blue Flag beach has sandy shores and clean shallow waters, ideal for families with children.

Savudrija Beach: Just a few kilometers from Umag, this peaceful rocky and pebble beach provides a tranquil spot for relaxation. Nearby is the Savudrija lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea.

Katoro Beach: This popular beach in Umag, with its pebbles and concrete terraces, offers various amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and various sports facilities.

To make your cycling experience in Istria even more enjoyable, check out the wealth of information on the official Istra Bike website.

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After relaxing on the beach, take the opportunity to discover the captivating cycling routes in the heart of Istria! Umag and its surroundings are beautiful for exploring by bike. Here are a few routes and places we would recommend:

  1. Umag – Savudrija – Umag Route: This approximately 25 km route takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of western Istria. Explore the coastline, vineyards, olive groves, and pass by the Savudrija lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea.
  2. Parenzana: This popular cycling trail follows the old railway that once connected Poreč and Trieste. Part of the trail passes through the municipality of Umag, offering beautiful views of the landscape, vineyards, and olive groves.
  3. Buje Cycling Route: This route takes cyclists to the picturesque town of Buje, known for its medieval architecture and beautiful views of the surroundings. The route is approximately 23 km long.
  4. Grožnjan and Motovun: These two picturesque hilltop towns are a bit further away but definitely worth a visit. The routes take you through beautiful landscapes, vineyards, and truffle-rich forests.

Always carry enough water, food, and suitable equipment, and use a protective helmet. Istria is known for its hills, so be prepared for a slightly more challenging ride, but the landscapes that unfold are definitely worth the effort! Enjoy your holiday with cycling and exploring the beaches, vineyards, olive groves, and other beauties of Istria.

After a day filled with discovery and adventures, return to our luxury apartments and relax. Enjoy our private swimming pool, the ideal place for refreshment or simply unwind with your favorite book. Afterward, treat your muscles and relax in our sauna, indulging in the scents of aromatic oils that will ensure your complete relaxation and preparation for a new day of adventures in Istria.

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